The company CONER S.r.l. specializes in manufacturing a wide range of consumer goods for household cleaning and personal hygiene.
In fact, its catalog includes:
- The brand Glenova, an ever-growing series of articles for personal hygiene, including liquid soaps, shower gel, creams, shampoos, deodorants, beauty treatments, and other toiletries;
- Air Fresheners for large and small environments, made with the finest fragrances;
- Deodorants and tablets for cleaning and hygiene of the toilet;
- Liquid detergents for household cleaning and laundry.
All the Glenova branded products are dermatologically tested line at the University of Ferrara, and are formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies and intolerances. Thanks to the company's decades-long experience with perfumes, the Glenova products feature many enjoyable fragrances, in step with market trends, while still offering the great classics.
The products are manufactured internally, starting from raw materials, according to original formulas and processes, with exclusive own-designed machinery.
The company CONER is firmly trusted in Italy and abroad. Its production capacity is capable of covering a substantial part of the European market, and is also able to offer a service of Private Label production.